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K-State Slate: 7.30.12


K-State Football

Arthur Brown is not naturally a vocal leader, but he has adapted to that role on this defense. Leading by example just isn't enough for Brown, although he does that well enough.

Big 12 Football

Texas quarterback David Ash suffered a hamstring strain during workouts last week. Ash is the prohibitive favorite to win the starting job, although Mack Brown seems to go senile once in a while and forget that Case McCoy is not Colt McCoy.

The Olympics

Did you miss any of the action from the weekend? Fear not, as Morse has you covered with his Day 1 and Day 2 Olympic roundups. He'll have similar coverage for the duration of the Olympics, and we'll obviously be following Erik Kynard in the high jump on August 5th and 7th.

Penn State

Despite the seemingly sensationalist title, Horn Brain has a nuanced and intelligent take on the Penn State punishment over at Burnt Orange Nation.