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K-State Slate: 7.27.12


K-State Basketball

This isn't really news, but it's about all we have that's K-State specific today. Bruce Weber will have to replace Jeremy Jones' 3.1 points per game in eight minutes per game.

SB Nation Conference Previews

The first group of SB Nation's conference preview videos is posted, and it includes the Big 12.

Northwestern's New Unis

So there's a team that wears purple and goes by Wildcats getting new uniforms. Of course I'm talking about traditional powerhouse Northwestern.

Penn State

I promise, at some point I'll stop running these stories, but it probably won't be until we have actual football news to replace it. The man whose assault Mike McQueary witnessed in the Penn State showers has come forward through his lawyers, who released a statement and voicemails Sandusky left for the man as recently as two months before his arrest last year.

A lawyer examines the Freeh Report and concludes that the evidence that Joe Paterno did anything wrong is scant, at best. It's a reasonable position to take, but I find it exceedingly unlikely that Tim Curley's email in which he said that "after talking it over with Joe" he was "uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps" means anything other than what we've all assumed it means to this point.