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K-State Slate: 7.25.12


K-State Football

College football's kickoff rules have been altered significantly this season, which won't help a team with a kickoff returner like Tyler Lockett. Other rule changes are also discussed, mostly (if not exclusively) involving player safety.

Bill Snyder once kept Charlie Weis waiting four hours before giving him 30 seconds to talk about an offensive lineman.

Big 12 Media Days

Mack Brown took the stage with the support of 10 Big 12 cheerleaders. EDSBS takes it from there.

Penn State

By accepting the Freeh Reports findings in its consent decree with the NCAA, Penn State may have ushered in legal mayhem. But they have not, as our own BlackCats points out, destroyed commerce in the Happy Valley area.

What might the next 10 years look like for Penn State? SB Nation's Jason Kirk speculates.

By at least trying to kill a culture -- Spencer Hall's least favorite word -- the NCAA did the right thing in the Penn State case.