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39 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Jay Hanley


#39 Jay Hanley
Redshirt Senior
6-0 | 245
Steamboat Springs, Colo.


Position: Fullback

Previous College: None

Projection: Second-String

Status: Preferred Walk-On

James John "Jay" Hanley (b. Sept. 18, 1989) is the primary backup to Braden Wilson at the fullback position.

Although playing fullback might be a dying art across the college football landscape, it remains a vital component of Bill Snyder's offense — especially that thrice-damned short-side option.

If something untoward happened to Wilson this year — God forbid — it's nice to know there's a big boy behind him on the depth chart ready to carry the load. Or, more accurately, lay a dude out to block for the guy carrying the load.

Hanley also saw quite a bit of time in 2010 and 2011 as an up-back on special teams, including two short kickoff returns against North Texas in 2010. It seems likely that he will continue in that role in 2012.