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K-State Slate: 7.17.12


K-State Football

K-State's director of recruiting operations, Joe Gordon, is leaving the program to take a graduate assistant position. The only problem is the G.A. position is at D-II Mississippi College.

And yet more preseason watch lists. No surprise here, as linebacker Arthur Brown is on the list for the Butkus Award.

Penn State Scandal

SB Nation's Jason Kirk disagrees with me on punishing Penn State's football program. I think he overstates the effect that a one- or two-year football suspension would have on Penn State. Also, punishment of an organization doesn't always have to be calculated to help the victims or sanction the individuals who acted badly. In this example, making an example of Penn State to show that even a major football university can survive without it.

Bylaw Blog's John Infante points out that there's a way for the NCAA to punish Penn State without straining its enforcement rules: put it to a membership vote. Thanks to Morse for the link.

Dez Bryant arrested

For some reason, former Oklahoma State wide receivers just can't stay out of trouble right now. Bryant was arrested and faces a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.