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K-State Slate: 7.16.12


K-State Football

Yet more watch lists. Nigel Malone is on the radar for the Thorpe Award.

K-State Track and Field / 2012 Olympic Games

Erik Kynard has left for London, and his goal at the 2012 Olympic Games is the same as for any other meet: reach the finals so that he has a shot at gold.

Cliff Rovelto is the coach of choice for today's elite high jumpers. And to think, he almost became an attorney.

K-State Basketball

Former Wildcat Cartier Martin's hard work continues to pay off. The Washington Wizards have reportedly signed him to a one-year deal for the upcoming season.

Both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns are giving Jacob Pullen a shot in the NBA summer league. He played in Italy last year. Former Wildcats Denis Clemente and Curtis Kelly are also playing internationally.

College Coaching Searches

Kellis Robinett gets behind the scenes information about coaching searches from John Currie, Sheahon Zenger, and others. Basically, you fly around a lot, talk to people, and negotiate salaries. Or something like that.