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K-State Slate: 7.12.12


K-State Football

K-State still has not granted Manase Foketi his scholarship release. Foketi will not enter the NFL's supplemental draft, and will look for a D-II school where he can play his senior season.

College Football Royalty

Five years ago, SI's Stewart Mandel ranked college football's royalty, from Kings to Barons to Knights to Peasants. This ranking launched one of my favorite blog rants of all time when Dawg Sports' T. Kyle King took Mandel to task for where he ranked the Georgia Bulldogs. Yesterday, Mandel revisited and revised those rankings. K-State remains among the rank of the Knights. I don't know that we have a legitimate gripe to move up, but I look at Texas A&M and UCLA in the Barons group and think "wut?"

Call Me, Maybe

As usual, the Big 10 is a little late to the party. Its mascots made a "Call Me, Maybe" video, just like everyone else in the entire world.

The Freeh Report

After eight months of investigation, Penn State's Freeh Report will be released today, detailing who knew what and when they knew it and what they did (or didn't do) about Jerry Sandusky.