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K-State Slate: 6.8.12



Erik Kynard won the NCAA high jump national championship for the second year in a row. His title puts K-State in fifth place in the team standings with 12 points.

Defending heptathlon champion Ryann Krais was in action yesterday, too. Krais is 18th after four events, with the final three events set for today.


Six members of the Bramlage family died in a plane crash in Florida yesterday. Ron Bramlage (son of Fred Bramlage), his wife and their four children were returning to Kansas from Florida.

College Football Selection Committee

SB Nation's Jason Kirk chooses the choosers. Or at least the choosers in an ideal world. I wouldn't mind a selection committee that looked like that.

Big 12 Expansion

Florida State's board of trustees met yesterday and will meet again today. Big 12 talk is on the agenda.

Big 12 Position Player Rankings

Lost Lettermen is going through and ranking the Big 12's best at each position. Collin Klein checks in at third among quarterbacks, John Hubert is fifth among running backs, and Chris Harper is 10th among No. 1 wide receivers.