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K-State Slate: 6.7.12



We're down to 86 days, and you know what that means: Tramaine Thompson. Moar plz.

K-State Athletic Department

John Currie was awarded a two-year contract extension and pay raise. Currie is now signed through 2018, at a base salary of $450,000.

K-State Baseball

Congratulations to the K-State baseball players who were picked in yesterday's MLB Draft. Senior pitcher Kayvon Bahramzadeh, 1B Wade Hinkle, C Dan Klein, and SS Jake Brown heard their names called. Three incoming freshmen were also selected.

K-State Track and Field

They're off and running, jumping and throwing at the NCAA Track and Field National Championships in Des Moines, Iowa. Senior Mantas Silkauskas earned K-State two points with a seventh-place finish in the long jump yesterday.

K-State Golf

Former Wildcat Aaron Watkins finished second at U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying in Memphis, Tenn., and thereby earned a spot in next week's U.S. Open. Congratulations to Aaron!

SEC people arguing with people from an irrelevant conference

Spencer Hall sums up the SEC-Big 10 feud from the SEC's perspective. (:nods head, nods head, nods head:)

BHGP DISRESPECTS! Chik-Fil-A and compares it to the SEC and the new playoff system. Or something like that.