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The National, 6/5/12: Swirling the Drain.

I really want to make a Wire joke here, but nothing's presenting itself.  (Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE)
I really want to make a Wire joke here, but nothing's presenting itself. (Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE)

Next, Locusts; Then a Flood: Things are just not going well for the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. First, they bombed out on APR and found themselves banned from next year's post-season. Then their conference lost two of their biggest hitters and their presence in the Atlanta media market. And now, even though G Donte Morales is already off the team and looking for a place to transfer, his arrest on thirteen separate charges related to drug possession and distribution just leaves the Seahawks with another black eye. If he were a football player and still on the team, he'd have just racked up anywhere from 18-26 points in the Fulmer Cup all by his little lonesome.

That Thing I Don't Like to Discuss: Jury selection is underway in the Jerry Sandusky trial, and it's just going swimmingly. Between potential jurors who actually know Sandusky or his wife, candidates who showed up wearing Penn State gear, the presence of at least one Penn State employee in the jury pool (who's not being summarily excused), and even a Penn State season ticket holder who has already been selected for the jury... it's going to be interesting. They're also not being sequestered, which I am certain won't present any issues.

Sandusky, meanwhile, is rushing headlong into a federal indictment for taking "Victim 4" across state lines for sexual purposes.

Realignment Is Just Crazy: And now we have Hawai'i hinting they'd like to form the Pac-12's bridge to Asia. There are worse ideas, but I just can't see Cal and Stanford ever going along with this.

Diablerie: Bobby Petrino seems to be divesting himself of his past. ... Speaking of Arkansas, a sartorial faux pas. ... I would approve of this urinal if it said KU instead. ... @bobbybigwheel strikes again, this time with a piece on why we probably haven't seen the last of Craig James. Meanwhile, Spencer Hall explores the impact of plain ol' dumb luck on a college football program.