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K-State Slate: 6.5.12



Keep following along with BracketCat's countdown to football, which hit 89 yesterday. Make sure you vote in the final Crowdsourcing poll for K-State football. And the first installment of GTCat's summer series takes a look at the Baylor Bears.

K-State Track and Field

Eight K-State athletes are set to compete at the NCAA Track and Field Championships, which begin tomorrow in Des Moines, Iowa. Erik Kynard (high jump) and Ryann Krais (heptathlon) look to defend their national championships.

College Football Playoff

The Big 10 is as out of touch with reality as you think. Fearless and brilliant Nebraska leader Harvey Perlman said the Big 10's university presidents prefer the status quo to any currently proposed postseason system. Meanwhile, Jim Delany now seems to be on board with choosing the four best teams for the playoff, and seems to support using a selection committee to choose those teams.

Conference Realignment

Have you ever wondered why university presidents, athletic directors, boards of regents/trustees/curators do such an odd dance before poaching each other's teams in conference realignment? Renowned Twitter personality and real-life lawyer @BobbyBigWheel explains the legal aspect of it all.

Big 10 Pro Combat Uniforms

If you're not following Black Heart Gold Pants' Pro Combat uniforms series, you should be. This week, Northwestern is up. Sorry, Just Northwestern.