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K-State Slate: 6.4.12


K-State Basketball

Bruce Weber is making himself at home in Manhattan. That's a good thing, because he's going to be there for at least a few years.

Big 12 Basketball Tournament

The Big 12 extended its contract with Kansas City through 2016. The conference also has a right of first refusal for 2017, just in case the rest of the SEC has a collective brainfart and forgets where Kansas City is located in relation to the rest of the conference.

Even without a school in Missouri, Kansas City is the right fit for the Big 12 tournament. At least according to Kevin Haskin.

Bowlsby and the Big 12

Incoming conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby pledges that the conference will be proactive. He wants the Big 12 to be the hardest fraternity to join in college athletics. Sounds good, bro.

College Football Playoffs

Just adding the "playoff" label to college football's new postseason system won't magically cure all its ills, Austin Meek writes. In fact, it could make it worse. Stewart Mandel suggests a "three-and-one" system, where the top three conference champions and the top at-large qualify. You just know that whatever is chosen will end up with K-State getting screwed in about 2015.


Former Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of aggravated DUI. Blackmon apparently blew a 0.24, which is triple the legal limit.

The Week in GIFs

If you don't follow Jon Bois' weekly/monthly/yearly GIFs posts, then you're missing out on some good entertainment.


Burnt Orange Nation is saying goodbye to Texas A&M.