Part IV, Crowdsourcing the 2012 Gridiron Cats.

As of 6/3/12 after the first nine games, crowd sourcing has the Cats at 7-2 with losses to Oklahoma and West Virginia. The final three games in 2012 are @TCU, @Baylor and Texas the week after Thanksgiving

The expectations for these games:

Gary Patterson is the coach some would have liked at K-State after Coach Snyder's first retirement.

Baylor is either reloading or reloaded. I think RGIII went out for a while in a game last year and the back up kept things running along smoothly.

Texas has Manny Diaz, in 2011 the Cats beat Texas with 121 yards of offense. Cold weather will help the Cats in this game.

In other words these could be tough games to finish up the year.

BurntOrangeNation is predicting TCU as #5 (in the Big XII), Baylor #7, and UT #2 for the 2012 season, while ESPN has TCU #4, Baylor #7, and UT #6. K-State is predicted #4 by BON and #2 by ESPN.

The odds to win the BCS: TCU 50/1, Baylor 30/1 and Texas 28/1, while K-State is 50/1,

For those of you unfamiliar with this, there are 4 polls (Sunday P.M. publishing) and you get to select the games that you think the Cats will win or lose. There is one poll for the 3 non-conference games and 3 polls for conference games. You are encouraged to attempt to sway others to your belief about the games in the comments section. The polls will not close until August 1st, so remember to vote early and vote comment often or you can follow the Tammany Hall maxim of 'claim everything, concede nothing and if defeated allege fraud.'

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Last year the crowd sourcing of games did very well (11-1) on the pre-season polls. The weekly polls did not do as well, tossing a coin is about as accurate.

2011 Regular Season poll results are in the first Crowdsourcing poll.

2012 K-State Football Schedule

Date Opponent
9/1/12 Missouri State Bears
9/8/12 Miami (FL) Hurricanes
9/15/12 North Texas Mean Green
9/22/12 @Oklahoma Sooners
9/29/12 open date
10/6/12 Kansas Jayhawks
10/13/12 @Iowa State Cyclones
10/20/12 @West Virginia Mountaineers
10/27/12 Texas Tech Red Raiders
11/3/12 Oklahoma State Cowboys
11/10/12 @Texas Christian Horned Frogs
11/17/12 @ Baylor Bears
11/24/12 open date
12/1/12 Texas Longhorns

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