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K-State Slate: 6.28.12


K-State Basketball

K-State basketball coach Bruce Weber and staff will be host to a high school basketball camp this Saturday. See the linked story for more details.

College Football Playoff

Are you unhappy about the change that has come to college football's postseason? Nothing is forever, and it won't destroy college football.

The strength of the game has always been its attachment to a place, a community, and a certain random way of doing things. It is about the game, and then the identity built around that.

How exactly do you crown a champion? Smart Football ponders that question.

Land Grant Holy Land has a list of all the things that have ruined college football over the years. You will note that none of these things actually ruined college football.

Random and Hilarious

EDSBS has a boob draft, and Charle Weis makes the field. That should give you an indication of the type of boob draft this is, and whether you want to participate.