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K-State Slate: 6.22.12


K-State Track and Field

K-State track coach Cliff Rovelto coaches four of the five top-ranked high jumpers in the United States. The high jump finals are this Sunday at the U.S. Olympic Trials, and it's possible Erik Kynard will qualify for the team that goes to the London Games.

For his part, Kynard doesn't "just" want to be an Olympian. He wants a gold medal.

The Longhorn Network

Before everybody started talking about Lebron James winning a title last night, there was a big dustup about Texas Tech's football game at Texas State this fall. Yes, that's right, a football game between Texas Tech and Texas State was a hot topic of conversation on June 21st. Why?

Because ESPN announced that it may carry the game on The Longhorn Network. Tech responded by saying it may cancel the game rather than have it televised on LHN. Never mind the fact that it's amazing the Tech/TSU game would be televised at all, or the fact that, as the road team, Tech has absolutely no say over who televises this game. Everyone was outraged over this. I have yet to see one good reason why anyone should be mad about this, but then again I haven't read Double T Nation yet this morning.

College Football Playoffs

Should anyone be concerned that the new playoff system will eliminate the controversy surrounding college football's postseason, Bill Connelly puts your mind at ease with a look back at what a selection committee would have faced since 1998.

Jerry Sandusky Trial

After closing arguments, the Sandusky trial went to the jurors just after lunchtime yesterday. They deliberated late but were unable to reach a verdict yesterday, and will be sequestered during deliberations. I'll be surprised if they don't come back with a verdict today.