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K-State Slate: 6.21.12


K-State Track and Field

The U.S. Olympic Trials are underway in Eugene, Ore. If K-State high jumper Erik Kynard wants to make the U.S. team for the 2012 London Games, he'll have to qualify at this meet.


All 16 of K-State's sport exceeded the NCAA benchmark for Academic Progress Rate. Happily, we can now forget about APR until next year's data is released.

College Football Playoff

The NCAA conference commissioners have agreed on a four-team playoff model, which will be presented to the university presidents next week. We still don't know for sure how the teams will be selected, but it will probably be some kind of committee, and the idea is to favor, though not necessarily require the participants be conference champions. That sounds like a great license to favor a one-loss SEC team over a one-loss Big 12 champion like, oh, say, K-State or Oklahoma State.

College Football Recruiting

SB Nation's Jason Kirk takes a look at how much each school spends on recruiting. K-State is listed as one of the least efficient BCS programs, based on how much it spends and how much talent it gets. The obvious answer is that K-State has to travel fairly extensively to recruit and rarely signs four- or five-star players.

Spencer Hall

Want to learn how to become rich by gambling on college football? Spencer Hall has your guide, including betting advice for K-State games. It needs an addendum, though. Bill Snyder beats his servants and KU savagely behind closed doors. Bet accordingly.