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K-State Slate: 6.19.12



If it's 74 days, then it must be Kason Hostrup.

K-State Football

Bill Snyder says the K-State football team was doing well in summer workouts until yesterday morning, when they suddenly hit the doldrums. Sounds like Summer Snyder. He also spoke up in support of Charlie Dickey on the Manase Foketi issue, though no specifics were offered.

College Football Playoff

The poor, powerless Big 10 and Pac-12 feel like the Big 12 and SEC are trying to "railroad" a four-team playoff through. Of all the dastardly deeds!

Spencer Hall gives you his take on a college football selection committee.

Jerry Sandusky Trial

Sandusky's defense got off to a roaring start on Monday, when two former Penn State coaches testified that they, too, showered with young boys. But not like Sandusky did. It seemed like everyone on Twitter was outraged at what the defense was doing yesterday, but it's entirely possible that this is all they have. Judge Cleland announced that the defense could rest as soon as Wednesday, which suggests that Sandusky may not testify in his own defense.