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K-State Slate: 6.12.12


The Watson Challenge

Former K-State golfer Joe Ida won the 2012 Watson Challenge in Kansas City over the weekend. As a volunteer at the Nationwide Tour's Midwest Classic in Kansas City last year, I got to follow Ida and Kevin Tway's group on Sunday morning. Ida is a good guy and, if he starts making a few more putts, you're going to start hearing his name more.

SB Nation Wedding Advice

Planning a fall wedding? Take Jason Kirk's advice to avoid being a horrible person. You don't want to be a horrible person.

Spencer Hall interviews Barry Switzer. Need I say more?

Auburn Shooting

As of last night, Montgomery police had surrounded the house where they believe Desmonte Leonard, the primary shooting suspect, was hiding. But sometime after midnight, police left without comment and apparently without making an arrest.

Earlier in the day, two persons of interest were arrested on suspicion of hindering prosecution.

Jerry Sandusky Trial

Sorry to those of you who don't want to be bothered with this, but the Jerry Sandusky trial got underway yesterday. As portrayed by Dan Wetzel, the prosecution's first witness hammered Sandusky and made his defense attorney look like a fool.