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81 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Kyle Klein


#81 Kyle Klein
Redshirt Freshman
6-3 | 217
Loveland, Colo.


Position: Wide Receiver

Previous College: None

Projection: Third-String

Status: On Scholarship

My, how much can change in a year.

Kyle Edward Klein (b. Oct. 25, 1991) has experienced quite a bit in his brief college career, even before he has played a single snap in purple.

The younger brother of Heisman candidate Collin Klein grayshirted in 2010, arrived as a defensive end wearing No. 58, converted to a tight end wearing No. 49 even before the 2011 season started, redshirted and then...

...just prior to bowl prep, the coaches asked him to change positions again, and now he comes out of spring as a wide receiver wearing No. 81.

Very few players endure two position changes in less than a year, especially when they've never actually played a down. But Kyle acquitted himself well in spring practice and reviews of his abilities were glowing.

With only two catches for 22 yards in the 2012 spring game, though, no one has seen those abilities publicly yet.

That might not change this fall, considering no fewer than four to six receivers probably are ahead of Kyle on the depth chart. But my instincts tell me he has a little Jordy Nelson in him. Expect to hear more in the coming years.