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The National, 6/1/12: Oklahoma Day.

We'll be able to see a lot more of this on our televisions soon.  Or maybe not. #TrollLHN (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
We'll be able to see a lot more of this on our televisions soon. Or maybe not. #TrollLHN (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Getty Images

And We're Not Even Talking About the Thunder: Oklahoma has announced that they, too, will be launching their own network. Before we get all up in arms, however, it should be noted that the Sooner Network is more along the lines of the K-State network than the Longhorn Network in that they won't have their own channel. They'll just be providing about a thousand hours of inventory to FOX for air on FS Oklahoma (as well as a good chunk of it being available on FS Southwest and whatever the Arkansas and Louisiana versions are).

Naturally, national media are approaching this as "Oh, look, Oklahoma and Texas now have their own networks, who else in the Big 12 will?" while completely ignoring the fact that K-State already does as well. Par for the course.

They're Ducking Kansas State, Obviously: Nebraska and Oklahoma are talking about a home-and-home in 2020 and 2021. Reading between the lines, I'd say this falls into the category of "done deal unless the Big 12 and Big 10 move to 10-game conference schedules".

A Challenger Appears: It's still likely that when everything shakes out, Notre Dame's going to end up in one of the big conferences. The Big East and NBC may be trying to forestall that, however, by discussing the possibility of tying Notre Dame's television deal with the Big East's. That presumes that ESPN doesn't somehow elbow NBC out of the way, of course. If this story picks up steam, Notre Dame's reaction to it will be telling; if they sound enthused, it's an indication that they're not joining any conference. If they seem indecisive or ambivalent, you can probably take it as a sign that they're actively trying to figure out in which conference they want to end up.

Oh, Aggie.: Texas A&M and D.C. United may be headed to court, all because those pesky Aggies went and trademarked a term years after everyone else on the planet was already using it. Seriously, I have a problem with this; if you want to trademark something, you should be required to do it before it effectively becomes public domain. This business of actually granting trademark protection to entities for something which they've already abandoned trademark protection over by not securing it is bad regulation. Anyway... Aggie fans are appropriately Aggie about the whole deal.

(Not Much) Diablerie: #FatGuyActionHero (arrested). ... Please, God (and Maryland), no. Just no.