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K-State Slate: 6.1.12



Counting down: Vai Lutui checks in with us for day No. 92. All these high numbers make me hope we get a Fat Guy Touchdown this year.

Big 12 Spring Meetings

K-State's John Currie and KU's Sheahon Zenger have benefited as much as anyone from the Big 12's newfound stability.

There's a big announcement this morning about a future major sporting event at Kansas City's Sprint Center. Could it be an extension of the Big 12 Tournament, which is already signed onto KC through 2014? Selfishly, I hope the case is yes, because I live within 15 miles of the arena. But I kind of hate having our conference tournament in a state that doesn't have a Big 12 school.

KC will be considered forHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Missouri AD Mike Alden: "I've gone to bat for Kansas City and St. Louis as host sites for the SEC basketball tournament." The rest of the SEC ADs: "Hell no we're not going up to those yankee cities for our basketball tournament."

DeLoss Dodds is Trollin'

Give DeLoss Dodds a microphone, and you'll get his unfiltered thoughts. Like the SEC owning only a sliver of the east side of Texas now with Texas A&M. Predictably, A&M's administrators, like most of their online fans who have had their sense of humor surgically removed, took the whole thing seriously.