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K-State Slate: 5.9.12


K-State Basketball

Usually you only need to land a recruit once. But when you get fired from a Big 10 school and subsequently hired by a Big 12 school, there's a possibility that a recruit you landed at the former could follow you to the latter. That's a long way of saying that Bruce Weber announced the signing of Michael Orris.

K-State Tennis

K-State's Petra Niedermayerova and Karla Bonacic are all-conference tennis players. Congratulations to both!

K-State Football

Bill Snyder will be honored by the Kansas Legislature today. A joint resolution will recognize Snyder for receiving the AP Big 12 Coach of the Year and Woody Hayes National Coach of the Year awards.

Freshman Tavarius Bender got an early start on his college football career, graduating early from Lincoln Southwest High School and enrolling at K-State for the spring semester. It didn't stop him from making his high school prom, though.

Ban College Football

I missed the Malcolm Gladwell/Buzz Bissinger/Jason Whitlock "debate" last night about whether college football should be banned. Given what I'm hearing, I didn't miss much. Check out SB Nation's live thread for a recap from the fans' perspective.

It's just a dadburn shame

Craig James is getting his ass kicked in his U.S. Senate election campaign. The won't-be senator is still polling in single digits.