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The National, 5/8/12: TCAP Edition.

The plot thickens as McQueary changes his story, and <em>this</em> story gets muddier and muddier. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
The plot thickens as McQueary changes his story, and this story gets muddier and muddier. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Somewhere, ADA Jack McCoy Is Throwing a Fit: Per a report from CBS's Chip Patterson, there has been a "legal change" in the testimony of former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary which places the date of the sexual assault he witnessed in 2001, not 2002. This is relevant primarily because it could shield indicted AD Tim Curley and VP Gary Shultz from conviction on their counts of failure to report a crime, as it would suddenly fall outside the statute of limitations. It could also affect the prosecution of Jerry Sandusky, as it calls McQueary's credibility into question even if the mistaken date is accepted as a mere error.

On the one hand, it's certainly important that McQueary's testimony be accurate and truthful. On the other, one really has to wonder about this, as one has to wonder about pretty much anything involved with this case and its handling.

Somewhere, ADA Jack McCoy Is Dancing a Jig: In a more positive development related to perverts, Charles Waugh, the gentleman whose sordid past was uncovered in a great piece of reporting by SBN's Luke Zimmerman at Land-Grant Holy Land, was taken into custody last night for violating probation. Hats off to Luke for directly leading to this guy being taken off the streets.

Riding Off Into the Sunset: Bill Byrne, who we'd previously noted wasn't going to return as Texas A&M AD after his current contract expired anyway, will be heading out even sooner. Byrne will announce his retirement Tuesday, and as a result will never officially be associated with the SEC at all.

No, Actually, We're Doing This Instead: Yesterday, I noted that the Illinois State student paper, the Pantagraph, had reported Rob Judson was replacing Tim Jankovich as the head basketball coach. Well, the Pantagraph was wrong; turns out the new coach is Vanderbilt assistant Dan Muller.

More Reactions, And I Think They May Disagree With Me: Stewart Mandel weighs in on John Marinatto's resignation, as does Brett McMurphy. Both lay the blame on the doorstep of the Big East's presidents, and I don't disagree that a good chunk of it belongs there. Still, Marinatto fumbled the ball quite a bit himself over the last couple of years.

Diablerie: Anthony Davis, with, uh, baby Anthony Davis or something. I hope we're all ready for the drama and pageantry of the Battle of the Columbias (with trophy and everything!). Mike Leach did an AMA on Reddit yesterday, and it was glorious. Especially the part where he described how 96% of everyone else hates Craig James as much as he does. Three Longhorns -- Alex Okafor, Barrett Matthews, and Kenny Vaccaro -- were arrested for, um, ignoring police, basically. In other words, petty nonsense. Oregon has their Rose Bowl rings, and while tastefully designed, they are sort of... large.