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K-State Slate: 5.7.12


K-State Track and Field

Erik Kynard is preparing for the Big 12 Outdoor Track and Field Championship, which is this weekend in Manhattan. He's also preparing for some less significant event this July and August. I think it's called "the Olympics."

K-State Baseball

K-State swept Nebraska-Omaha in non-conference action in Manhattan by a collective score of 33-11. This team is really good at hammering the teams it should hammer, but just can't get things together against Big 12 competition. That needs to change this weekend when the Wildcats face KU.

K-State Football

I answered a few questions about K-State football for Crystal Ball Run. Whether I had any good insight is up for debate.


New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby won't be a puppet for the University of Texas. He also talked about expansion as something the league would consider.

The reaction to Bowlsby's hiring has been mostly, perhaps overwhelmingly, positive. Kevin Haskin hopes we're right to applaud.

Conference Realignment

Speaking of expansion, West Virginia's 'Eer Insider is sticking to its guns on Big 12 expansion. In case you missed it, this writer believes the Big 12 will expand by adding Florida State and Clemson, and possibly to 14 with some combination of Louisville, BYU, Maryland, and possibly Pitt.

SB Nation's Clemson site, Shakin' the Southland, weighs in on the issue. Something tells me a post clarifying what really happened in the Big 12 during realignment may be in order, because the primary narrative right now seems to be what Texas A&M, Missouri and Nebraska have been saying.

Of course, the comments on this post do a pretty good job of taking care of some of those myths.