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K-State Slate: 5.4.12


K-State Basketball

Former Illinois recruit Michael Orris, a three-star point guard from Chicago, will follow Bruce Weber to K-State. The only question now is who leaves to make room for Orris.

Conference Realignment

Are you like me, and having a hard time keeping track of who has moved where in conference realignment? Great news! SB Nation's Jason Kirk has your handy guide to conference realignment, with projections for the future.


The newest proposal for the four-team playoff is to limit the participants to conference champions, but only if those champions are ranked in the top six. This would have screwed us in 2003, but otherwise seems like a good system. Land Grant Holy Land takes a look at what this system would have looked like since 1998.


SB Nation's medical expert, Ali Mohamadi, takes a look at what we know about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain condition linked to head trauma. In potentially related news, the Boston University researchers who are studying the effect of head trauma on former football players have requested the opportunity to study Junior Seau's brain.