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K-State Slate: 5.31.12



Don't miss BracketCat's daily countdown to kickoff. Up today: Sam Harvill, No. 93.

Big 12 Meetings

Unlike two years ago, there is harmony at the Big 12 meetings. The league likes having 10 teams, is not interested in a championship game, and does not plan to expand (unless Notre Dame calls). We also prefer a four-team playoff with the top four teams chosen, rather than conference champions.

Interim conference commissioner Chuck Neinas will be replaced by Bob Bowlsby in a couple weeks. The 80-year-old Neinas deserves a vacation after his work to save the Big 12 during last fall's fiasco.

In response to Peter's post about Texas' stance on Big 12 expansion, Blatant Homerism takes a look at Texas' position, including why the rest of the league could, and should get on board with expansion. And why Texas may not be able to do much about it this time around.

Oh where, oh where...

George Brett found his lost dog through Twitter. In other news, if you're not following George Brett on Twitter, you should be. Hilarity will probably ensue (NSFW).