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K-State Slate: 5.30.12



This post will cover up Part 3 of Pan's Conference Realignment epics, but be sure to check it out, if for no other reason than to vote in the poll grading his predictions.

K-State Basketball

Bruce Weber officially hired Chester Frazier yesterday to complete his staff.

K-State Football

Sophomore center B.J. Finney is on the preseason Rimington Award watch list.

Big 12 Expansion

Peter lays out the reasons why Texas is happy with the status quo and probably won't be interested in Big 12 expansion unless Notre Dame is in play for football. Surprisingly, in the comments Peter seems to believe that Texas still has a lot of options. It seems to me that, between TLN (which no other conference is going to permit), the grant of rights, and the fact that every other conference will have a conference title game and would permit Texas less influence, Texas has few options now and is only one vote out of 10. Unless expansion requires a unanimous or super-majority vote, now is the time for the rest of the conference to do what serves the conference's broader interest.

As an interesting follow-up to that, check out Missouri athletic director Mike Alden's comments comparing the SEC and the Big 12. He notes that the SEC's power schools make decisions that are in the league's interest, not just their individual interest. It all goes back to Blatant Homerism's post from the other day: there really is no other school that spends more time than Texas does trying to stack the deck in its favor and does less to actually execute on those advantages.

Just as long as he doesn't come back to ESPN

Craig James received four percent of the vote in the Republican Senate primary yesterday.