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K-State Slate: 5.3.12


[UPDATE]: I missed the news about the Big 12 hiring a new commissioner. Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby has agreed to replace interim commissioner Chuck Neinas.

K-State Baseball

K-State lost, 10-3, to Wichita State on Tuesday. The Bat Cats will be host to Nebraska-Omaha this weekend.

McCay Ineligible

The NCAA ruled that Justin McCay, the wide receiver who transferred from Oklahoma to KU, will not be immediately eligible, and then upheld that ruling on appeal. Charlie Weis does not understand "why the NCAA had us appeal this case to the subcommittee only to have received the same answer with the same rationale." In other news Charlie Weis does not understand the nature of an appeals process.

Stephen Fry

Thanks to Anon for this link. Stephen Fry visits the Auburn-Alabama game, and reports on the preposterousness of it all.

Junior Seau

Junior Seau died yesterday at 43 years old, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. We don't know the circumstances around the death, so any speculation about its cause is premature. But when something like this happens, the discussion inevitably turns toward the wear and tear of playing football, and the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Was Seau suffering from CTE? Did he shoot himself in the chest, as former Bears safety Dave Duerson did recently, to preserve his brain for later examination? The fact that we even have to consider these possibilities should be enough to give us pause.

I'm going to link some of the better articles about Seau's death I've seen below. When discussing this, please be mindful of the likelihood that somebody on this board either suffers from depression, knows someone who does, and/or is close to or knows someone who has committed suicide. This isn't something that just happens to "other people."

SI's Andy Staples writes that, whether fair or not, Seau's death puts football under the microscope again.

The Star's Sam Mellinger wonders how many more deaths of former football players NFL fans can take.

This Black Heart Gold Pants post from nearly two years ago about Chris Henry's death is a good reminder that CTE isn't necessarily about concussive injuries, but about the long string of sub-concussive impacts endured by football players throughout their careers.