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99 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Javonta Boyd

May 25 is an auspicious day, as it marks the first time this year that there are fewer than 100 days until the kickoff of the Missouri State game on Sept. 1.

That means it's time for my minor sabbatical since basketball season to come to an end. Yes, it's time for the second annual BOTC season countdown to kickoff!

Each day from now until then, I will count down this interminable desert ahead of us by profiling the player(s) whose number(s) match the number of days left until autumnal football bliss.

Normally, these will appear at midnight on their respective days, but I needed the Memorial Day weekend to get ahead on them in the story database, so this installment is 12 hours later than I prefer.

Follow the jump for No. 99, DT Javonta Boyd.


#99 Javonta Boyd
Redshirt Senior
6-2 | 294
St. Petersburg, Fla.


Position: Defensive Tackle

Previous College: Butler County Community College

Projection: Second-String

Status: On Scholarship

Javonta Leron Boyd (b. Sept. 10, 1988) redshirted in 2010, ostensibly to lose some unproductive weight.

I had hoped that meant he would find his way into a rotation that was dominated by Raphael Guidry, Ray Kibble and Vai Lutui. Well, no such luck. At one point, he even was splitting a spot on the depth chart with John Sua.

Since last season, Boyd has lost an additional 6 pounds and he's out of second chances. This year, it's do-or-be-benched for him.

Persistent rumors of a Brandon Harold return aside, Boyd has a ton of competition. In addition to Lutui and Sua, who both beat him out in the spring, there's incoming JUCO transfers Hakeem Akinola and Wesley Hollingshed.

Like I said last year in this same entry (and it proved to be true): In my reactionary opinion, his ceiling is second-string status. I'd be surprised if he starts a single game in 2011 2012.