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K-State Slate: 5.25.12


K-State Baseball

The Bat Cats staved off elimination with an 11-5 win over Oklahoma State yesterday. Their reward? Another matchup with Baylor, who lost to Oklahoma.

Also, KU eliminated Texas from the tournament with a 4-2 victory yesterday. So Texas went 8-5 and to the Holiday Bowl in football, barely made the NCAA Tournament and was unceremoniously eliminated in the first round by Cincinnati in basketball, and finished a distant third in the Big 12 baseball standings this year, the Big 12 shares all Tier I and II revenue equally now, and yet I still see realignment tweets about how unfair the Big 12 is?

K-State Basketball

K-State graduate Victor Ojeleye won the Arthur Ashe Jr. Award for a minority athlete who maintains a 3.2 or higher GPA. Congratulations to Victor on this award.

Big 12 Expansion

The Big 12's stance on expansion will be telling. Will the powerhouse schools cede easier access to the coming playoff in order to fortify the conference with new schools, or will the status quo prevail?

Clemson's board of trustees met and said they would listen to offers from other conferences. BUT NOBODY HAS CONTACTED THEM YET!!! You're doing it right, Clemson.

ACC commissioner John Swofford believes all his schools when they tell him they're not looking around. So did John Marinatto. So did John Marinatto, my friend.