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K-State Slate: 5.24.12


K-State Baseball

Baylor beat K-State 11-1 in seven innings yesterday at the Big 12 Baseball Tournament in Oklahoma City. In other words, the Bat Cats got run-ruled. K-State faces Oklahoma State in an elimination game today.

Big 12 Expansion

Yahoo's Pat Forde on conference realignment: blame someone else and pass the checks. Best line? "So forget all that loyalty talk and start practicing your southern accents." I would seriously pay money to a local TV station for footage of Brady Deaton pronouncing the word "Missour-EE" two years ago, versus the current "Missour-AH."

Texas Christian's athletic director, Chris Del Conte, sort of confirmed the Big 12 expansion rumors. And then he backtracked. So maybe he confirmed them. But maybe he didn't.

Oh boy! Another spring/summer of board of regents/trustees/curators (OK, the last one is only those weirdos at Mizzou) meetings. Clemson's board of trustees is meeting today, and it will discuss the conference realignment rumors.

What's the best-case scenario? What's the worst? SB Nation's Jason Kirk takes a look. For the Big 12, the status quo is as bad as it gets. Given how opinion is running around here, that would be catastrophic.