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K-State Slate: 5.22.12


K-State Football

Phil Steele's preseason Big 12 and All-America honors include 13 K-Staters. Arthur Brown (LB), Tyler Lockett (KR) and Nigel Malone (DB) were all first-team Big 12 Conference picks.

K-State Baseball

K-State pitcher Joe Flattery was honored as the Big 12 newcomer of the week. Flattery's complete game on Friday propelled K-State past Texas Tech and into the Big 12 Conference Tournament.

John Currie

Robinett caught up with John Currie on all the pressing matters of the moment. Included are Currie's comments on the new Big 12/SEC bowl, playoffs, and what's next for the Big 12.

Conference Realignment and Other Sundry Matters

The SEC is well on its way to starting a new conference network. But CBS is balking at a substantial increase based on the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M.

What would realignment be without rankings? SB Nation's Jason Kirk puts together a ranking criteria, and K-State is the least valuable Big 12 school. If you look at the way the criteria is put together, it's not hard to see why. Particularly in the "Football Success" category, we're victims of 100-year rankings and the evil Bill Connelly's five-year F+ rankings, which were clearly designed to keep down K-State's value in this type of rankings.

Bill Stewart

Former West Virginia coach Bill Stewart died of a heart attack yesterday.