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K-State Slate: 5.21.12


Bob Boozer

K-State legend Bob Boozer died this weekend at age 75. Don't miss Jon's excellent rundown of Boozer's career accomplishments, on and off the court.

Big 12/SEC Agreement

The Big 12 and the SEC have agreed to a postseason meeting between their champions (or runners-up) in the event that those schools are not included in the national playoff. Kevin Haskin weighs in on the new "Champions Bowl."

Dennis Dodd considers this the kill shot to the ACC and Big East's claim to college football relevance.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk likes the new arrangement between the Big 12 and the SEC. But he wants more. Oh, so much more.

K-State Baseball

The Bat Cats took the series from Texas Tech over the weekend. By doing so, K-State advances to the Big 12 Tournament this week in Oklahoma City. Top-seeded Baylor awaits K-State on Wednesday at Bricktown Ballpark.

Big 12 Expansion

With the announcement of the Big 12/SEC partnership, the chatter surrounding Big 12 expansion gained steam over the weekend. This is still far from a done deal, but words like "inevitable" are being used with Florida State and Clemson right now.

Mike Leach

Mike Leach killed a bear. Why? Because he's Mike Leach.