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K-State Slate: 5.2.12


Fiesta, Fiesta

K-State athletic director John Currie accepted an invitation to join the Fiesta Bowl's board of directors. Now at least they can make us feel like we're part of the process, even though they'll never pick us unless the rules require it.

K-State Basketball

Bruce Weber and K-State will play in the Battle of Seattle against Gonzaga this year, in addition to the Preseason NIT and a game against Florida in Kansas City.

Don't call it a playoff

Morse posted this in The National yesterday, but it deserves another mention. SB Nation's Jason Kirk and SI's Holly Anderson take BCS director Bill Hancock to task for his comment about Manhattan's supposed inability to accommodate 1,200 media for a big game.

David Ubben doubts that ye unwashed masses who have not spent time in the press box at Bill Snyder Family Stadium really understand the real logistical issue here. It's not hotel rooms or parking. It's having enough room to sit in a chair and observe the game such that you can write a news article or three about it. While I have not been in the press box, I'm sure it wasn't designed with the capacity for a national semifinal-type event. OH HAI WEST STADIUM CENTER EXPANSION.

Ubben notes that Hancock wasn't (necessarily) singling out Manhattan. He was using it as an example of a larger problem at many campus sites. We should be honored that we're the little out-of-the-way school in a hellhole city with no infrastructure that could actually make sportswriters' worst nightmares play out.