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The National, 5/17/12: Yet Another Move.


Clearly, We Need More Teams in FBS: At 1:30 CT, Old Dominion is having a press conference, where, according to Dave Fairbank of the Daily Press, ODU is going to accept that invitation to Conference USA after all, effective in the 2013-14 season. Fairbank's colleague at the DP, David Teel, reported on Twitter that ODU expects to still be eligible for the 2012 FCS playoffs, although the question of whether they'll be eligible to win the CAA's automatic bid is still open. ODU's football program has only existed for three years, but they received a bid to the playoffs last year and won a first-round game before losing to Georgia Southern in a wild shootout whose final score looked more like basketball, so they may very well be capable of making a little noise immediately in 2013.

Stuff rolls downhill, of course, and Brett McMurphy reports that sources indicate the CAA's response move may be to try and lure Davidson and College of Charleston into the fold to replace the departing ODU, VCU, and Georgia State. That won't do much for CAA football, as Davidson runs a non-scholarship program in the Pioneer League and Charleston doesn't have a football team. Then again, the CAA's only real loss in football is ODU, so no big deal I suppose.

News From Summer Camp: Or, at least, from the ACC spring meeting. There has apparently been no discussion of Florida State's potential exit; there has also apparently been no discussion of Florida State's alleged desire to have John Swofford suffer a Beebe-like fate. The ACC will, however, move to a nine-game conference schedule once Pitt and Syracuse step off the Greyhound from Providence.

It's Like When You Shake Your iPhone: Oklahoma's receiver situation just gets more and more confusing. Last week, three members of the receiving corps got suspended. One of those three, Kameel Jackson, had already made waves by announcing he was transferring to Texas A&M (much to the surprise of the Aggies, who hadn't been in contact). Now, Jackson's staying, and the corps is getting a boost for the 2013 season as Jalen Saunders, the leading receiver last year at Fresno State, is transferring to Norman.

Hope You Already Got Your Tickets: It's May, and TCU has already sold out 2012, with the exception of standing-room-only tickets. Bear in mind, this is in a stadium which is in the midst of an expansion which will only be completed the week before the season opener. This is what happens when you join a real conference. The sellout triggers a "maybe" thrown out by TCU AD Chris Del Conte; he had said that TCU wouldn't consider a further expansion until the season-ticket base hit 30K -- for reference, just three years ago TCU's season ticket base was only 13K -- and this year's enormous response did just that. Get that bowl to 50K, Frawgz.

Diablerie: West Virginia and Alabama will meet in the 2014 Chik-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta. ... Will Muschamp offers his opinion on College Station. ... Another hit for Mizzou, as S Tavon Bolden is gone, sent packing by Gary Pinkel for apparently being a pain in the ass AND not going to class. ... Murray State opted not to come to Manhattan for the Pre-Season NIT, choosing the Charleston Classic instead. Booooo. ... If you haven't been following this week's SBN feature on relegation in college football, shame on you. ... Today is Ace Parker's 100th birthday, and yes, you DO care.