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K-State Slate: 5.17.12


Back on Central Time, which means the Slate comes to you at its regularly scheduled time.

Also, my God, what a slow news day for K-State.

College Football Playoff

Yahoo's Dan Wetzel excoriates the Big 10 for catering to the Rose Bowl at the expense of playoff games at campus sites. It is amazing that a Midwest conference would give up the possibility of having games at home, providing an economic boost to the region and opening the possibility that some games would be played in non-ideal weather. Long live the bowls!

Veterans' Favorite Sports Moments

Matt Ufford, a veteran himself, is asking other veterans for their favorite sports memories from deployment. I know we have some veterans on this board, so maybe some of you have some stories to share.

Conference Realignment

Former Florida State linebacker, NFL linebacker, and FSU board of trustees member Derrick Brooks says the Big 12 contacted Florida State first. I like this. Florida State is proving they're clearly dysfunctional enough to be a member of the Big 12.

With more realignment upon us, Wide Right Natty Lite has this handy flow chart to make sure you know which Big 12 school you should affiliate yourself with.

College Football Relegation

After everyone went nuts over the Manchester City/QPR match on Sunday -- which admittedly was pretty awesome -- relegation talk has been all the rage this week at SB Nation. Our Daily Bears takes a look at what relegation would have looked like in the Big 12 over its history.