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K-State Slate: 5.15.12


K-State Track & Field

K-State senior Ryann Krais rallied to win the women's heptathlon at the Big 12 Track & Field Championships on Sunday. Like high jumper Erik Kynard, Krais is hoping to meet the Olympic qualifying standard.

Conference Realignment

Over at BON, Hopkins Horn takes a look at the rumors regarding Florida State and the Big 12. It's a good, concise summary of the last few days' events.

Frank the Tank believes a move from the ACC to the Big 12 would be a penny wise, pound foolish move for Florida State. Frank the Tank also calls KU a blue-blood athletic program. Try to take him seriously anyway.

Bill Connelly, noted hater of all things K-State and Big 12, thinks the Big 12 should take a cue from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott and swing for the fences. I know Pan will like his thinking.