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Florida State's Board of Trustees Rips ACC, Favors Big 12 Consideration

Andy Haggard, Florida State University's Board of Trustee's Chairman, blasted the ACC's new television deal and said the board would consider a move to the Big 12 if it is in FSU's interest. The article specifically casts doubt on whether there has been any talk between FSU and the Big 12, but opens the door for conversations in the future.

Florida State is unhappy that the ACC's new TV contract gives third-tier media rights for football to ESPN/ABC, but allows schools to retain third-tier basketball rights. This favors basketball-centric schools like UNC and Duke at the expense of football-centric schools like Florida State (and Clemson).

Dan Wetzel tweeted a few minutes ago that a Big 12 source told him "I can't imagine how we wouldn't be interested in Florida State." Just as we had started to think this rumor was dying, it looks more and more like Florida State, and possibly others may get the Big 12 back to fulfilling its name again.