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The National, 5/10/12: Stoopid Receivers.

It's entirely possible that this is something we will NOT see in 2012. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
It's entirely possible that this is something we will NOT see in 2012. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Boom! Sooner'd: There's a chance that the starting receivers in Oklahoma's season opener will have combined for exactly one career reception, as the Sooners have indefinitely suspended receivers Jaz Reynolds, Trey Franks, and the trying-to-transfer Kameel Jackson, as well as safety Quentin Hayes, for violation of team rules. Naturally, it's entirely possible these suspensions won't even last through the summer, but if the suspensions hold... well, let's just suggest that it's a good thing K-State is playing Oklahoma very early in the season. Working against the probability of the players returning early: both Reynolds and Franks were suspended last season, as well, meaning Bob Stoops may need to make his point a little more loudly this time.

Reconsidering: I expected the ACC's new TV deal to put a stop to the FSU/Clemson rumors, but I was wrong; they're ramping up. Worse, someone at Texas must really want Florida State in the Big 12, because Chip Brown is now on the case. I still don't think it will happen, but the arguments for it are more compelling than I'd thought yesterday, especially if Texas is pushing. Regardless, it looks like Louisville is now seriously scrambling for the Big East exit hatch -- to either the Big 12 or the ACC, they don't really care at this point. A smaller realignment rumor: Oakland is very interested in replacing Butler in the Horizon League, but Detroit shot down a previous attempt. IUPUI and Robert Morris (PA) are also potential candidates.

Big EastWest Follies: Big East interim commissioner Joe Bailey has the sense that Boise State and San Diego State have "full commitment" to the league, and he may be right since Boise has asked the league for assistance in placing their other sports... somewhere.

This Is a Bad Idea, Don't Let It Happen: The Football Bowl Association, looking for some leadership in order to retain their relevance in a playoff-centric world, is taking applications for an executive director. Reportedly on their short list? Dan Beebe. I have no further comment.

Diablerie: Jason Kirk provides us with a list of conference Media Days for the summer, which in all seriousness is an important public service. ... BYU's Riley Nelson goes Terry Tate ... Starting West Virginia DBs Darwin Cook and Terence Garvin got hauled in for shoplifting snacks from Sheetz, while Minnesota OL Ra'Shede Hegeman got arrested for bar fightin'. ... Jim Delany doesn't like Alabama. ... Britney Griner broke her wrist screwing around on a longboard. Oops.