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K-State Slate: 4.4.12


K-State Football

Who's excited to see football back at the top of the list? K-State opens spring football practice today. Or, as Chris Harper put it on Twitter, the journey to the national championship starts tomorrow [now today].

Don't expect this to create a big increase in the news, because Bill Snyder's spring practices never do. But if you're thirsting for an inside take, go back and look at Pan's practice reports from years past.

K-State Basketball

Bruce Weber is getting "settled" in Manhattan, if you can call living in a hotel, eating occasional meals and using a bunch of different cell phones "settled."

K-State Baseball

Nebraska shut out the Bat Cats, 6-0, last night in Manhattan. Yeesh. Let us never speak of this game again.

Notable Dogs in College Football and Elsewhere

First of all, a warning. Do not read this anywhere in which it would be socially awkward to be caught with tears in your eyes. But read it nevertheless. Spencer Hall pays tribute to famous dogs in college football history, but that's the funny part. Then he renders a tribute to his own dog, and it's only one of the best-written tributes I've ever read.