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K-State Slate: 4.30.12


K-State Football

K-State beat itself in the annual spring game. Collin Klein was sharp, connecting on 47-56 passing attempts for 480 yards.

Freshman Tavarius Bender played as the No. 2 quarterback on Saturday. His action was limited by a minor muscle injury.

K-State broke ground on its $75 million West Stadium Center expansion on Saturday. The project is part of the momentum from last season's 10-3 record, which K-State hopes to carry forward into bigger and better things in 2012 and beyond.

2012 NFL Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles selected Bryce Brown in the seventh round of this year's NFL Draft, thus sparking a debate about whether K-State's draft streak lives on. According to K-State's players, or at least Chris Harper (and former player Tanner Burns), the fans are being hypocrites by claiming Brown now when they wanted nothing to do with him before.

K-State Baseball

Oklahoma State swept K-State in Manhattan this weekend, cementing K-State's cellar-dwellar status in the Big 12 and running the team's losing streak to eight games. The Wildcats are only two games behind eighth-place KU and seventh-place Texas Tech in the loss column, and finish the season with series against both teams. I should probably just abandon all hope of K-State making the conference tournament, but Tech and KU refuse to pull away.

K-State Golf

The Wildcats struggled at the Big 12 Championship and finished in ninth place, ahead of only KU.