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K-State Slate: 4.27.12


K-State Basketball

Cartier Martin just completed a season with the Washington Wizards, where apparently every AP photo involved him holding his hands out and making a funny face. Martin has played all around the world, but finally got a chance to play almost a full season in the NBA, averaging 9.3 points in 22.9 minutes with the Wizards.

College Football Playoff

It's all but official that college football will begin using a four-team playoff format in 2014. Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples takes a look at the three questions -- how many teams, where the games are played, how the teams are chosen -- that will be critical to instituting the playoff system. Huge credit to Staples for this line:

Hancock also tried to use the media as a reason campus sites aren't feasible. "Can Manhattan, Kan., take care of 1,200 media?" Hancock asked. "Where will people stay?" Well, Bill, I say this as a media member who routinely stays two hours from a game site because of outrageously priced or unavailable hotel rooms. In your hypothetical, there is this magical place called Kansas City. They have great barbecue there. You should know. You live there.


Jason Kirk tackles the third question raised by Staples above. There is a danger in limiting the teams to only conference champions, and that danger is that the Big 10 is going to get a completely undeserving team in the field over better teams that didn't win the Big 12 or SEC. On the other hand, we may end up with a four-team field of SEC-SEC-SEC-SEC if we don't limit the field to conference champions. One thing is for sure, either way: K-State will get screwed at some point, probably in 2014 when the new system is implemented. It would only be proper to kick off a new system with a good "K-State Rule."