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K-State Slate: 4.25.12


K-State Football

Grayshirt fullback Glenn Gronkowski will make his K-State debut in this weekend's spring game. You may have heard of his older brother, Rob, or his other two brothers who are in the NFL. Or you can buy his family's merchandise. This should be an entertaining player to watch and listen to.

Haskin talks spring football, Royals, and a lot of other stuff in his weekly musings.

Bill Snyder took the unusual step of admitting that certain players have impressed him during spring practice. Notably, most of them were backups, meaning Snyder's praise was probably a motivational ploy to get the starters to work harder. Note also that the last mentions that Bruce Weber has interviewed Alvin Brooks this week.

College Football Playoff

Either a plus-one or a four-team playoff are the likely formats for a college football playoff. It sounds like neutral sites are favored rather than playing the games on campus. Boo.

Flowers for m'lady

Kentucky forward Terence Jones accidentally ran over a Louisville cheerleader during the national semifinals, leaving her bloody and crying. Yesterday, he traveled to Louisville to give her flowers. That's nice.

This is horrifying

Open at your own risk. Subway made a model of Robert Griffin III using sandwich ingredients.