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K-State Slate: 4.24.12


K-State Basketball

Bruce Weber has named Jimmy Price his strength and conditioning coach. Price has been with Weber for the last nine years at Illinois.

K-State Football

The Big 12's spring football conference call was yesterday. With K-State and KU wrapping up the spring season this weekend, the long, hot offseason awaits.

Bill Snyder isn't a big fan of a playoff, but that's more of a function of being comfortable with the current system than anything. I guess. He also may not give a damn.

K-State Baseball

Like the Royals, who fell to 0-10 at home with a 4-1 loss to Toronto last night, the Bat Cats are having a hard time winning baseball games. It doesn't get any easier this week, with Wichita State in town.


The Razorbacks have hired John L. Smith as an interim head coach to replace recently fired Bobby "Bobs" Petrino. Smith's contract runs for only 10 months, and he left his alma mater, Weber State, high and dry after it hired him in December.