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The National, 4/19/12: New York Minute

Well, Uncle Brett, at least it wasn't prescription pain medication.
Well, Uncle Brett, at least it wasn't prescription pain medication.

"Somebody's going to emergency, somebody's going to jail...": Lots of police blotter today, plus a trip to the ER. Alabama wideout DeAndrew White is resting up after a concussion received in the midst of an off-campus fight which may or may not have involved gunfire. Other than the head knock, it appears he'll be okay. A former Mississippi State backup QB was arrested on intent to distribute charges. That he just happens to named "Dylan", and is the nephew of some guy with whom he shares the last name "Favre", just adds to the comedy. Georgia Tech LB Daniel Drummond will be missing the season opener against Virginia Tech, owing to Paul Johnson apparently giving at least one of those things he never gives one of, suspending Drummond for an earlier arrest for BUI. No word on whether it was actually a boat, or a personal watercraft.

Road Trip!: Alabama will be at the White House today (minus a wide receiver, obviously) to slap palms with the leader of the free world. No word on whether the Tide intend to claim their 45th Presidential Championship.

Even More Drunken Cajuns in One Place Can't Possibly Go Wrong: LSU is proposing an expansion to Tiger Stadium, because god forbid they have to deal with the embarrassment of having a capacity under 100,000.

Y'all Know I Hate Recruiting Purp: But there's a great piece at MGoBlog rating the various recruiting rankings, including some interesting observations about the biases each individual ranking exhibits. Must-read.

Sometimes, Even TWWL Can Do Good: This morning, Mike and Mike absolutely grilled Bo Ryan over the Jarrod Uthoff situation. Ryan, predictably, defended himself. Video of the conversation at the link.

Nepotism Alert: Saint Francis (PA) -- the alma mater of the legendary Maurice Stokes -- has belatedly fired head coach Don Friday after a 6-23 season. The man who fired Friday, SFPA AD Bob Krimmel, announced the interim coach: former associate head coach Rob Krimmel. You know, his own son. Cue ominous music.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Zach Tomaselli, the now-convicted child molester who accused Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine and then claimed a few days ago that he made it all up, now claims that he wasn't making it up after all. There's a special place in hell for that sort of thing, but he may not end up there because there's a different special place in hell for that other sort of thing and it probably has priority.

Five-Star Dining: You probably heard about former Florida star Erving Walker getting arrested after a foot chase for stealing a $3 taco. He pled no contest this morning to misdemeanor theft charges, and his punishment? A $301 fine. That is one tasty taco. May I have a drink of your Sprite?

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