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K-State Slate: 4.17.12


K-State Basketball

The big news from yesterday is that Angel Rodriguez has decided he will stay at K-State. If Rodriguez shows more consistency next year, then this team could have a three-headed monster with him, Rodney McGruder and Jordan Henriquez.


Lost in the four new playoff proposals that became public last month was the BCS sub-group that will look at revenue distribution from the chosen models before reporting back to the full group. Nobody knows how revenue will be divided at this point. I did like this part of the article:

One of the proposals in the April 4 document was the Four Teams Plus. That model allows the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions to play in the Rose Bowl, while two national semifinals also would be held (without the Big Ten or Pac-12 champion). After the three games are played, two teams (no one is sure how) would be selected to advance to the national title game.

Not many individuals are taking that model seriously. "You can guess who proposed that one," a source said.


The fallout from Bobs and Jessica

Christianne Harder, currently a consultant with the Western Kentucky football program, writes about how Jessica Dorrell harmed all women trying to get jobs in college football with what she did. The fact that she's right is what's sad.


Former Alabama running back Trent Richardson took a cancer survivor to her high school prom. And that, my friends, is awesome.

In other Alabama news, they broke their national title trophy. It's OK though, they have about 26 others. Or that's what they tell me.