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K-State Slate: 4.16.12


K-State Basketball

After a "tepid" (at least) response to his hiring, Bruce Weber knows it will take wins to win over the K-State fanbase. A few solid coaching hires and a good recruit or two would be a nice start in the interim, too.

Like so many others, coaching is Weber's family business. This is a good look at his family background in Milwaukee.

One of Weber's assistants, former Southern Illinois coach Chris Lowery, was a wanted man just five years ago after leading the Salukis to 29 wins and a Sweet 16 appearance. Lowery looks to start over as an assistant in Manhattan after a dreadful 8-23 season in Carbondale this year led to his firing.

K-State Baseball

Fifth-ranked Baylor swept K-State in Manhattan over the weekend, but damned if K-State didn't make a run at ending the Bears' now-19-game winning streak. The Bat Cats jumped out to big leads in Saturday and Sunday's games, but couldn't hold on. Strong winds turned Tointon Family Stadium into a launching pad, and the scores reflected it.

With the sweep, K-State falls to 3-9 and a four-way tie for sixth in the Big 12 standings. Next weekend, the Bat Cats travel to Missouri to face one of the teams with which is tied. The schedule was extremely front-loaded, so if K-State is going to make a run at .500 in league play, it will have to start with a series win in Columbia.

Missouri Upgrades

Missouri will sport new uniforms in all sports next year as it begins play in the SEC, which were unveiled this weekend to much fanfare. In basketball, they've basically caught up to everyone else with the Nike Hyper Elites, while in football they're going to very much resemble a black-and-gold version of Oklahoma State.

Moar Trowfies

Iowa State and Iowa are bound and determined to have a terrible trophy awarded to one of them as a reward for beating the other in football.