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K-State Slate: 4.13.12


K-State Basketball

Austin Meek endured a whirlwind March and lived to tell about it. He examines the difference between Bruce Weber and Frank Martin, among other topics.

K-State Football

The Wildcats are trying to sustain the momentum from last year's 10-3 season in spring practice. Every time I read an article like this, I feel like the Bill Snyder quotes are recycled from last year, or 2002, or 1997.

K-State's coaching clinic is this weekend (today and tomorrow) in Manhattan. The cost is $55 per coach.

Spencer Hall embedded at Mississippi State

Dan Mullen and Mississippi State gave SB Nation's Spencer Hall access to its spring practice, so of course he wrote an incredible account of the experience. The ending is the best, but his account of Mullen's confusion about going to "Spencer Hall" on campus is hilarious.


OK, I thought I was done posting stuff about Bobby Petrino, but SB Nation's "Shutdown Fullback" made a video that is required viewing (though not at work, as it could be detrimental to coworker relations...particularly female coworkers). Thus, I give you Bobby Petrino's 8-Bit Motorbike Adventure.