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K-State Slate: 4.11.12


K-State Football

K-State Minister of Football Information, Bill Snyder, is up to his old tricks. At his news conference this week, not only did he tell reporters that the player weights on the spring roster are never accurate, but he wasted a few minutes talking about Bubba Watson's win at The Masters on Sunday. Anything to avoid substantive discussions.

Unlike most teams, K-State is looking to improve this season. I get the feeling others are are like "nah, we're good. Just keep on keepin' on."

It's encouraging to read in the notes that Tyler Lockett and Manase Foketi are back at practice.

K-State Basketball

The Wildcats' roster is in a bit of flux right now. Only Jamar Samuels graduates, and Laimonas Chatkevicius has signed a letter of intent. But we're still waiting on word from Angel Rodriguez, Chatkevicius could be released from his letter of intent, and Bruce Weber may want to pursue another recruit or two.

Bobby Petrino did what now?

Arkansas fired Bobby Petrino with cause, meaning he will not receive his $18 million buyout (though I suspect his lawyer may have something to say about that yet). Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long owned the press conference, noting that Petrino hired Jessica Dorrell from a pool of 158 other applicants in a shorter-than-normal hiring process, and gave her $20,000. Yes, he gave $20,000 to a woman with whom he was having an "inappropriate relationship," a woman who was to be married in June to another (now former) employee of the Arkansas athletic department. As Morse said, it's not about morals.

Baylor Cheats

Baylor is facing sanctions in men's and women's basketball after more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages. I'm as shocked as you. No, not that Baylor cheats, but that they didn't do more. Or, if they did do more, that they have hidden it so well.