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K-State Slate: 4.10.12


K-State Basketball

Angel Rodriguez is still mulling whether he will stay at K-State or transfer elsewhere. Assuming Rodriguez makes a normal amount of improvement between his freshman and sophomore seasons and becomes a more consistent player, he will be one of K-State's key components next season.

K-State Golf

After two rounds, K-State is tied for the lead at the University of Wyoming's Cowboy Classic, played at...Scottsdale, Ariz. Through two rounds, Wildcat junior Ben Juffer is tied for second at -9 after shooting 65-66 the first day.

NFL Bounty Scandal

This story has intrigued me for a while now, but it took a column by Jason Whitlock for me to post about it. Putting aside the political aspects of the column, the overall argument makes the best case I've read yet for stern punishments against Gregg Williams and Sean Payton. If you want things to change, and I think the culture of trying to injure opposing players in football needs to change, you have to come down hard on it.

Bobby Petrino Investigation

The Arkansas State Policeman who escorted Bobby Petrino to the hospital has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the response to and investigation of Petrino's motorcycle accident last week.

Urban Meyer broke Florida

The Sporting News has an in-depth report on how Florida's football program crumbled around Urban Meyer.